RISE is open for in-person drop-in services Monday - Friday from 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM !!!! The maximum capacity will be 10 individuals at a time. Groups will resume in-person sessions. Check the schedule and stop by and see the staff for details.

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RISE Recovery Community Outreach Center

Al-Anon Revised

Contacts for appointments

Barb – phone 315-219-5817 ext 1001 – email bbellstedt@ccherkimer.org

Jeff R- phone 315-219-5814 ext 1000- email at jrohacek@ccherkimer.org

Jeff P- phone 315-610- 6196 ext 1002 -email at jpetrie@ccherkimer.org

  Jean – phone 315-610-6200 ext 1003 – email at jverri.ccherkimer.org

Melissa- phone 315-610-6199 ext 1004 –  email at msnyder@ccherkimer.org


The mission of the RISE Recovery Community Outreach Center is to provide superior peer based services that support and empower individuals in recovery from addiction and that are responsive to the needs of the individual, the family, and the community.


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